About The Farm


     The Farm is a symphony where like minded souls gather together to create. We manifest ideas, creating friendships, memorys, artwork and of course, harmonic sound waves that initiate the creation of groovy dance moves. Barnaroo is for anyone who's down to get their creative juices flowing, even if your spark is simply the enjoyment of nature, music and friends! We have 40+ talented musicians and local artists presenting their work plus a few stations inviting anyone to create their own, a variety of vendors each with their own unique nitch, yoga workshops, glow aerobics, good food, good people and good times.


     We are located in Reynoldsville, Pa on an old Amish farm that sits on 35 acres, offering plenty of grounds to camp on, and peaceful nature trails to keep you grounded. 6 fire pit hangouts spread out across the property (we ask that you utilize these rather than making new ones.) Three stages will be in rotation so the music never stops, there are shaded areas to escape the heat and open fields to enjoy the sun. Bring a water bottle or jugs to fill up at our fresh ground water spring and a swim suit to cool off in the swimming hole.

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